June 25, 2024

Our top 5 free sports overlays for live streaming

Stream your next game or tournament with uno overlays

Discover our top 5 sports overlays, from soccer scorebugs to our online basketball scoreboard. Find the right OBS scoreboard overlay for your next live stream.

All sports live streams need the right sports streaming software and tools. Play ahead of the curve and stream your next match or tournament with one of our sports overlays. Each free scoreboard overlay is specially designed to suit the needs of whatever game you’re playing. This blog shares top trends and our most popular sports overlays.

Keep the score with our popular scorebugs

Scoreboards are our most downloaded template for uno free overlays, and are growing in popularity. A live overlay scoreboard keeps track of the game’s score as your viewers enjoy live streamed footage of the action, while keeping up to date with all the important action including fouls, goals, substitutions and more.

Uno scorebugs help sports live streamers elevate their broadcast throughout the game or tournament, with easy-to-use interfaces that are compatible with your favorite sports streaming software and streaming platforms. With the right OBS scoreboard overlay, you can attract more fans and vital sponsors by adding polish and professionalism to your stream.

Our overlays are made by the same people who provide live graphics for top tier sports productions like the Superbowl, MLB, NBA, Premier League, Bundesliga, and more. These professionally-made graphics are available for free!

1. Soccer Scorebug | Bold

Soccer overlays are among our most downloaded overlays, which is why our top most downloaded overlay in the past month is uno’s Bold theme Soccer Scoreboard.

Sports overlay for soccer

Use the dropdown visuals to announce when a player is going on as a sub, gets red or yellow cards, or scores a goal. As with our other soccer scorebug overlays, you can turn the dropdown on and off to display key moments in the match . 

We also provide uno overlays that work with Sportzcast’s scorebot software. If you have a Sportzcast setup, click here to use the integrated version of this online scoreboard overlay.

2. Soccer Scorebug | Fresh

Our most popular overlay in the past 3 months is our Fresh themed Soccer Scorebug. Reset the clock after halftime by selecting different Periods under Match Time, and easily jump to the correct time. Announce red cards, or highlight incoming subs and goals in the dropdown element.

Fresh-themed soccer sports overlay

3. Tennis Scorebug | Champion

We don’t just make overlays for soccer. If you’re holding a tennis tournament or broadcasting your next college championship, try our Tennis Scorebug overlay.

Sports overlay for live streaming tennis

Easily click between scores, track serves and break points, and record sets and games in the uno overlay interface controls. You can also display (or hide) tie-breaker points as things heat up later in the game. Our Tennis Scorebug overlay also works great for Padel coverage.

4. Basketball Scorebug | Champion

If you’re looking for an online basketball scoreboard, look no further than our Basketball Scorebug overlay.

Online basketball scoreboard

Alert viewers of fouls, timeouts, and updated game status in a single streamlined banner. You can also easily reset or pause the countdown clock with a few clicks in our interface.

5. Volleyball Scorebug | Standard

Broadcast your next volleyball or beach volleyball game with our Standard themed Volleyball Scorebug. During gameplay, you can change the online scoreboard in real-time to record timeouts, and use serve indicators to show which team is serving.

Online scoreboard for volleyball

Stream your next game with our free sports overlays 

No matter what sports you’re planning on live streaming, uno has a free scoreboard overlay that matches your needs and your preferred sports streaming software. If we don’t, let us know on our discord server, and we can explore the possibilities based on what you’re looking for. We’re always open to suggestions! 

With our fully customizable overlays, the ball’s always in your court. Browse our full library for more options and check out our range of custom sports overlays – all available to download and use for free.

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